Fire Prevention Month Approaching

As the month of September is here, we’d like to remind our community that our next month, October, is fire prevention month. This month is dedicated to teaching the youth in our district about fire safety and prevention.

Throughout the month of October, our department will be in various schools, day cares and pre-schools to bring the message of fire and life safety, with fun and educational lessons.

If you are within the McCutchanville/Center Township area and would like to request a free visit, please contact us to arrange a date and time!


School Season Safety Reminder

As school start’s going back into session next week, please remember to pay attention to the road. A kind reminder that it is illegal in Indiana to ‘text-and-drive.’ Don’t let a text message or phone call be behind the reason a child walking home get’s hit by a vehicle. Please keep an ever vigilant eye on the roads.


Open House Success

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2014 Open House! We’re proud to say the turnout was well beyond what we expected, and look forward to seeing everyone at the 2015 Open House next year!

We’d like to thank our sponsors for their help and contributions to the Open House as well! Thank you Inflatable Fun Factory, The Bridge Church, Gattitown, Oak Hill Elementary, Highland Elementary, Lewis Bakeries and VCSO K-9!