Cpt. Jeff Pritchett

Position(s): Firefighter/EMT (5A7) Captain of Fleet Maintainance

Captain Jeff Pritchett is a paid firefighter who started his fire service career in 2004 as a volunteer at the McCutchanville Fire Department. From 2009 until 2012, when the position was dissolved, Captain Pritchett was a Division Chief over McCutchanville's west side station, Company Ten.  In 2017, he was promoted to Captain over Drivers Training and Fleet Maintenance and was named an alternate member for the Membership Committee. In these roles, Captain Pritchett is charged with the duties of training our members in safe and effective operation of our apparatus's, establishing detailed driving records, and maintaining the trucks and equipment so that they are operational at a moments notice. He is currently certified as a Emergency Medical Technician and holds numerous firefighting certifications. Captain Pritchett has dedicated over 13 years to the department and continues this passion into every shift.

Captain Pritchett is proudly married to his high school sweetheart, Amy, and has two children, Emma and Steven. Cpt. Pritchett attended the University of Southern Indiana and has owned several business's over the course of his life. He is employed at the McCutchanville Fire Department as a Full Time Firefighter/EMT. In his spare time Cpt. Pritchett enjoys building and racing Sprint Cars around the nation.