Our Fire Apparatus

5e5 5 Engine 5
Engine 5 was built by Ferrara Fire Apparatus in 2005.  It was originally ordered as strictly an engine. But with creative designs, we have added extrication equipment, and it now serves as a rescue engine.  We run this truck more than any other truck at Station 5 because of its ability to be used at almost every call. It also has a TIC and foam capabilities, plus a Light Tower.
5r5 5 Rescue 5
This rescue was purchased in 2000. It was built by SVI in Loveland, Colorado. It carries Extrication equipment, EMS, MCI, Water Rescue, Rope Rescue, Hazmat Supplies, SCBA’s, Light Tower and other tools.  It is considered our Heavy Rescue. We rely on this truck for many different runs.
5q5 5 Quint 5
In 1997 the fire department realized with all the industry and multi-story homes being built, it was time to purchase a ladder truck. Quint 5 is 102 ft. in height and can flow around 1800 GPM of water in our district.  It carries an assortment of tools, SCBA’s, saws and more.  Quint 5 is an LTI with 200 gallons of water.
5b5 5 Brush 5
In 2005 MFD received a federal grant to purchase a new Brush Truck. It replaced the 1971 Brush Truck we currently had in service. This was a great asset to add to our fire department.  Brush 5 carries 290 gallon of water and 10 gallons of foam. It has a compliment of hand tools, backpacks, p-cans, and EMS supplies.
 engine-10-ds-2013 5 Engine 10
E10 replaced both a Rescue and Engine company as the first-due apparatus from Station 10. E-10 carries 2 sets of Amkus extrication tools, including 1 set in front bumper. carries a full set of extrication tools (in the bumper & body), an EMS compartment in the cab, a 8kw generator and a light tower.
5q10 5 Quint 10
Quint 10 was purchased in 2003 from Smeal.  It is a 75 ft. quint with saws, SCBA’s etc… Both of our ladder trucks are steel. Quint 10 is a straight stick and Quint 5 has a platform bucket.  Sometimes Quint 10 can get into tight places, since it is shorter and only single axle truck.
5t5 5 Tanker 5
The oldest truck in our fleet, but it gets the job done. It was built by Pierce in 1982 and has been refurbished in the past.  Tanker 5 makes around 15 calls per year. It’s main purpose it to provide water for us in the non-hydrated areas.  It is the only Tanker east of Hwy 41 in Vanderburgh County.  Tanker 5 hauls 2800 gallon of water and carries SCBA’s and a 3000 gallon portable water tank.